Welcome to DoviSuite

DoviSuite is an integrated New Media marketing platform, offering bulk SMS messaging, large E-mail messaging, Social Media Marketing to meet the digital marketing needs of every organization.


The DoviSuite integrated marketing platform was built to meet the marketing needs of organizations and other marketing agencies. We have our own web applications for the services, and they were built having core marketing functions and requirements in mind.

Our DoviSuite SMS gateway capacity can deliver large volume of SMS messages in seconds, ensuring instant termination on Mobile Network Operator's grades and delivers instantly to recipient's devices. Marketers are certain of up to 99% SMS delivery rate because our connections are direct to MNO's SMSC. We have partnered with one of the World's biggest A2P (Application 2 Person) messaging providers, delivering billions of messages yearly. We have access to 202 countries worldwide, covering 800+ mobile network operators globally.

Our email marketing server enables millions of mails per-minute and still ensures direct inbox delivery. DoviSuite Email marketing web application is a legal mailing platform using White-hat method. We can deliver large volume of e-mails from our platform directly to recipient's inboxes, without spam delivery. Our e-mail platform also ensures amazing features suitable for traditional marketers, such as schedule, hundreds of free HTML templates, attachments, full branding and more.


DoviSuite social media marketing tool enables user to grow fan base of their social media accounts. With DoviSuite social media application, you can grow targeted fan base within a shortest period of time.


In order to breach the marketing challenges most organizations face, we have put all these tools in one platform to enable organizations that may not typically be a marketing agency carry out full digital marketing campaign. Marketers can select the best tool suitable for their communications plan or consult our internal resources personnels for advice.


We also provision of white-label platform for marketing agencies and organizations with marketing needs. We possess large marketing database ideal for targeted camapiagns.

If quality matters to you, and you need to get your brand out there, create massive awareness through digital marketing, getting your ROI - we can help.

Select a Marketing Tool

Bulk SMS Marketing

We offer reliable and efficient bulk SMS services, with 100% delivery rate.


Social Media Marketing

Get reliable and targeted fans. Grow your fan page/followers with DoviSuiteSMM.


E-mail Marketing

Send Large mail straight to recipient's inboxes from trusted and legal mailer.